When to go for a great meal in Canada

Best-seller lists are all the rage these days, but there’s one thing that doesn’t really help: ordering food online.

According to data from the Restaurant Association of Canada, only 3% of Canadians who ordered a meal online at least once this year were served it on site.

That means that the vast majority of Canadians don’t get the same experience at home that they have in a restaurant.

But the number of Canadians dining at home is on the rise, and according to the Restaurant Institute of Canada it’s expected to reach 22 million in 2021.

That’s a massive number, and the restaurant industry is in a position to capitalize on the trend.

But if you’re looking for the best meal in your area, you’re probably going to have to find a local source for the most popular meals.

That list includes places like Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, and Starbucks.

Here are five of the best restaurants in the country, along with a few local favorites.1.

Domino`s Pizza2.

Pizzeria Del Mar3.

The Dandenong Pub4.


Pizza Hut6.

D& M7.

The Little Italy8.


The Olive Taproom10.

The Baratza11.

Pizza Pizzas12.

The Oven13.

The Crocodile13.


El Pollo Loco15.

The Black Sheep16.

The Old Bay17.

The Big Dog18.

The Coney Island Deli19.

Pizza Barbecue20.

El Pueblo21.

Papa John`s22.

El Treno23.

Pizza Napoletana24.

Pizza Parlor25.

The Great North American Pie Club26.

The Krusty Krab27.

The Pizza Hut28.

The Pizzamatic29.

The Italian American Barbecue Bar30.

Pizza Express31.

Pizza Lid32.

The El Cajon Bar33.

The Del Fratello Bar34.

Pizza Cafe35.

Pizza Terracina36.

Pizza Mozza37.

Pizza La Leche Bar38.

The Ritz-Carlton39.

The Ramen Shop40.

The Corner Tavern41.

Pizza Mango42.

The Grand Café43.

Pizza Del Monte44.

Pizza Vida45.

Pizza Monterey Bar46.

Pizza Stumptown47.

The Cafe du Nord48.

The Café De La Rue49.

The Alameda Cafe50.

Pizza Enchiladas51.

The Casa Loma52.

The New York Pizza Kitchen53.

The Arby`s 54.

The Cheesecake Factory55.

The Sisley’s Pizza56.

The La Croix57.

The Steakhouse 58.

The Noodle Bar59.

The French Laundry60.

The St. Bernard`s 61.

The Lobster Bar62.

The Bistro du Ville63.

The Lazy B�l60.

El Camino64.

The Tap House65.

The Blue Hill Restaurant66.

The Mango Lounge67.

The West Side Table68.

The Tastee Kitchen69.

The Grill 6070.

The Kitchen at La Villa70.

Pizza Garden71.

The Red Room72.

The Shaker Bar73.

The Green House74.

The House of Blues75.

The Lounge 76.

The Tavern77.

The Market Square Cafe78.

The Patio Bar79.

The Saloon80.

The Restaurant At Leisure81.

The Beach Café82.

The Beer Garden83.

The Club 84.

The Garden85.

The Pub Shack86.

The Brick House87.

The Park Burger88.

The Ice Cream Parlor89.

The Coffee Shop90.

The BBQ Grill91.

The The Pub Cafe92.

The Chubby Burger93.

The Sandwiches94.

The Fish House95.

The Buffet96.

The Ribs97.

The Chicken Shack98.

The Burger Bar99.

The Taco Bell100.

The Hot Dog Stand101.

The Chipotle Grill 102.

The Shake Shack103.

The Tacos104.

The Wings105.

The Bacon Ranch106.

The Brisket Burger107.

The Burgers 108.

The Corn Dogs109.

The Ranch 110.

The Spicy Bacon Ranch111.

The Buffalo Wings112.

The Double Decker Pizza113.

The Pasta Salad114.

The Roast Beef Sandwich115.

The Eggplant Salad116.

The Mac & Cheese117.

The Pork Tenderloin118.

The Fajita Sandwich119.

The Salmon Salad120.

The Jalapeno Chicken121.

The Lasagna122.

The Sweet Potato Salad123.

The Caesar Salad124.

The Pepperoni Salad125.

The Avocado Salad126.

The Tomato Salad127.

The Ham Sandwich128.

The Chili Cheese Sandwich129.

The Potato Salad130.

The Parmesan Cheese Sandwich131.

The Cheese and Biscuit Salad132. The