‘Sophie’s’ ‘Pilot’ Gets Another Look: An interview with the author & a video interview with writer of ‘Sobys’ book

NEW YORK —  Sophies ‘Piloted’ novel is getting another look from author Jennifer Weiner, who penned the novel in collaboration with director Josh Trank.

In the video interview above, Weiner discussed the project, the success of the novel and her thoughts on why she wrote the book in the first place.

The story begins in an ordinary suburban neighborhood of New York City where a young girl named Sophie (played by Megan Mullally) discovers a flying saucer and a robot named Pilot.

The two soon develop a friendship that quickly develops into a love affair that spans the ages of two.

“Sophia’s Piloted” is a love story set in a suburban environment, and a story of friendship, loss, and redemption, Weiner said in a statement.

As for the book itself, Weiner wrote that “Sophias Piloted is an intensely personal, deeply personal story, set in an extraordinary world, which we all know so well.”

“The Piloted story begins at the beginning of the next millennium,” Weiner continued.

“The Pilots mission to find their father, the Pilot of the saucer, who has disappeared after his spaceship crashes in the Pacific.

The Pilots search of the planet begins in a city called Greenwich.

It’s a small town, but a place where people are willing to take risks for love and safety.

After a devastating crash that destroys a large portion of the city, the Pilots and their son, Sam (played on “Sopranos” by Seth MacFarlane), find themselves in a world of people searching for their father and for meaning.

Sophys Piloted has been compared to other love stories like “The Long Kiss Goodnight” by James Patterson and “The Big Lebowski” by Joel and Ethan Coen.

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