How to turn a room into a party room

When you’re ready to party, here are some furniture pieces that can help make your house a party hub.1.

The couch chair, or “couch chair” from Ikea2.

The “cushion” from Baskin-Robbins3.

The couches of Ikea and other Ikea furniture4.

The stool from Ikeas, especially the couches in the house5.

The cushions from IkeAisles6.

The table from IkeAsus7.

The sofa from Ike’s house8.

The chair from Ikes furniture9.

The armchair from Ikeleisure.com10.

The loveseat from Ikemels furniture11.

The bed from IkeMiles furniture12.

The dresser from Ike, like this one from Ike as a bedside table13.

The coffee table from Apple Store14.

The TV from Amazon.com15.

The bookcase from Barnes & Noble16.

The dining table from Amazon17.

The king size bed from Walmart18.

The queen size bedfrom Amazon.


The twin beds from Amazon20.

The bathroom sink from Walmart21.

The washing machine from Amazon22.

The dishwasher from Walmart23.

The closet from Ike24.

The vanity mirror from Ike.com25.

The wall clock from Ike25.

Some books from Amazon26.

A bottle of wine from Wine.com27.

A bowl of cereal from Kelloggs28.

Some fruit from Whole Foods29.

Some vegetables from WholeFood30.

A cup of coffee from Starbucks31.

A mug of coffee or a mug of tea at Starbucks32.

A box of tissues from Amazon33.

A bag of tissues, like a softball or a hockey bag34.

A small box of toilet paper from Amazon35.

A pair of socks from Nike36.

A tennis ball, tennis racket, or other tennis object from Amazon37.

A ball, racket, tennis glove, or a tennis racket from Amazon38.

A hat, hat, or cap from Amazon39.

A piece of jewelry from Amazon40.

A necklace from Amazon41.

A belt from Amazon42.

A shirt or pants from Walmart43.

A book from Amazon44.

A purse from Amazon45.

A scarf from Amazon46.

A towel from Amazon47.

A handkerchief from Amazon48.

A pen from Amazon49.

A pencil from Amazon50.

A hairbrush or brush from Amazon51.

A toothbrush or toothpaste from Amazon52.

A cleaning kit from Amazon53.

A tissue box from Amazon54.

A couple of toilet seats from Amazon55.

A bathrobe or swimsuit from Amazon56.

A bra from Amazon57.

A pillow from Amazon58.

A shampoo or conditioner bottle from Amazon59.

A shaving cream or cream or conditioning from Amazon60.

A washcloth from Amazon61.

A shower curtain or towel from Walmart62.

A t-shirt or sweatshirt from Amazon63.

A jacket from Amazon64.

A watch from Amazon65.

A sweater from Amazon66.

A backpack from Amazon67.

A suitcase from Amazon68.

A bed from Amazon69.

A couch from Ikeo70.

A table from Lowe’s71.

A chair from LoweMart72.

A TV from LoweStar 73.

A lamp or lamp post from Lowe6474.

A stereo from LoweTech75.

A television set from Amazon76.

A mirror from Lowe77.

A radio from LoweRadio78.

A computer from Lowe99.

A phone from Lowe100.

A vacuum cleaner from Lowe101.

A coffee cup from Lowe202.

A microwave from Lowe203.

A fridge from Lowe207.

A refrigerator from Lowe208.

A freezer from Lowe209.

A wall outlet from Lowe212.

A dishwasher or dishwasher/dryer from Lowe214.

A water heater from Lowe215.

A car radio from Ike215a.

A tablet computer from Ike216.

A digital camera from Ike217.

A camera phone from Ike218.

A smartphone from Ike219.

A smart TV from Ike220.

A cellphone from Ike221.

A laptop computer from Apple22.

A portable digital camera phone or tablet computer23.

A handheld digital camera or tablet PC from Apple24.

A notebook computer from Microsoft25.

A video game console from Microsoft26.

An iPad mini from Microsoft27.

An iPhone from Apple28.

An Android tablet or Android smartphone from Apple29.

An Apple Watch from Apple30.

An Xbox console from Xbox31.

An iPod Touch from Apple32.

An Oculus Rift from Oculus33.

An HTC Vive from HTC34.

An Samsung Gear VR from Samsung35.

An LG G5 from LG36.

An ASUS Zenfone 3 from ASUS37.

An HP Spectre x360 from HP38.

An iMac from Apple39.

An Chromebook from Google40.

An Amazon Fire Phone from Amazon 41.

An Echo Dot from Amazon 42.

An Ipod from Apple 43.

An Xperia Z3 from Sony 44.

An Nook Tablet from N