Menards patio chair with wine rack

Menards announced on Thursday it is adding wine rack to its patio furniture.

The product is available now for menards outdoor patio furniture and is priced at $1,699.

Menards customers can select one of two styles of patio furniture: a classic patio seat with a wine rack, or a more stylish patio seat that has a wine stand in the middle.

Menard is the first retailer in the world to offer a wine table with wine racks, and the company plans to have a second model available later this year.

The wine stand also is designed to accommodate wine tables, while the wine rack sits on top of the chair to provide the best viewing angles.

Men’s patio furniture also features a storage area that can hold up to six wine bottles, and Menards has partnered with the San Diego Wine Bar to offer wine packages at select Menards restaurants.

“The menards brand has always been built around quality, comfort and style, and we are excited to expand the Menards line with our new wine rack,” Menards CEO and president, Bill Gombrich, said in a statement.

“We know that our customers appreciate the added value that comes from this product and we believe it will be a great addition to the Menard patio furniture lineup.”

Menards, a privately held company that also sells wine, beer, spirits and cheese, has more than 3,000 stores worldwide.