The best stanleys for rent in London

The most affordable properties in London are being snapped up by investors looking for a bit of a gamble. 

We asked our London editors which ones are the most affordable, and where you can rent them.

The cheapest places in London to buy are: Davie & Brown , in Kings Cross, £200 per week, a property for just £10,000, a year on offer. 

It has a kitchen and bathroom, and a balcony, and its open during the day, which is ideal for working out. 

If you want a place to stay, the property has been listed on Airbnb. 

The estate is just over half an hour away from Westminster Abbey, and offers a lovely garden terrace with views of the river Thames. 

Its on the outskirts of London, so it’s less busy than some of the pricier properties. 

You can book it with an app on the home’s website, or in person. 

 A second home, at £250 per week in Kensington, is a slightly smaller property. 

But it is much more spacious and close to the Thames, and is located right next door to Buckingham Palace. 

In its new owner’s garden, there is a garden chair, and there is also a small garden. 

Both have the same floorplan and they have private bathrooms, as well as a shared living area and balcony. 

This is the best price on this property for a flat. 

There are a few other properties in the same price range, but they are also on the Thames.

The most affordable flat in the capital, for just a few hundred pounds a week, is in Wandsworth, a relatively affluent area with a large population. 

A house with a garden terraced garden is on the same street as the Buckingham Palace, and has a balcony for relaxing and a garden to play in. 

All of these properties have been listed in London since 2015, and the properties are on the market for £200 a week. 

And if you want to rent a home, the site has listings for some of these homes, but the majority are on Airbnb, so you’ll need to book it directly. 

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