How to Get a Friend’s Friend in Your Life

There are lots of reasons to get a friend in your life, but if you’re looking for a way to do that without taking a lot of time, you’ll want to consider this handy checklist. 

This article originally appeared at The Atlantic. 

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It’s a new trend for New Yorkers. 

Boston: Get a tattoo for $19.99. 

Chicago: Take the subway to work for $8.25 per hour. 

Los Angeles: Want to go for a hike?

You can do that for $29.95 per person. 

Portland, OR: Learn to cook for $28.95. 

Seattle: Start a business for $99.95 and have an instant success. 

Toronto: Become a part-time Uber driver for $30 per month. 

San Francisco: Find a job that pays $50 per hour and you can start your own business. 

Houston: The cheapest meal at the best restaurant is $35. 

Miami: Suit yourself in the latest designer clothes for $70. 

New Orleans: Go on a trip and spend $200 on groceries. 

The list is long, but you’ll learn that it’s easier to find someone in your circle of friends that you can spend a lot more time with. 

How to Get Friends in Your Heart without Taking a Lot of Time: 1.

Start a business that pays your rent 2.

Get a tattoo 3.

Get started with an ecommerce business 4.

Learn to cook 5.

Start your own job 6.

Start an e-commerce business 7.

Learn how to play a musical instrument 8.

Get rid of a car loan 9.

Become a part of your local community 10.

Find a job you love 11.

Get married for $100 per month 12.

Learn a language 13.

Get your own personal assistant 14.

Get involved in a nonprofit 15.

Find the perfect gift 16.

Get divorced 17.

Get engaged 18.

Have children 19.

Start up a new business 20.

Get laid 21.

Buy a car for your wedding 22.

Become an airline pilot 23.

Start learning a language for free