How to sell a home for $1.5M in Canada

The first home that sold for $2.5 million in Ontario is a gift from a Canadian couple who bought it for $5.5.1 million in 2015, when the average price for a home in Ontario was $1,619,000.

In this article, CBC News looks at the history of the purchase and the process that led to the sale.

The first sale for $4.2 million in 2013 was for a house in Stoney Creek, Ont.

The price for the first sale in 2018 was for an older house in Mississauga, Ont., with a price tag of $5 million.

The home on the right is a one-storey detached home that was sold in May 2017.

It is listed at the time for $3.3 million.

For more than two decades, the owner has owned the property.

It was sold to a family in 2016.

It has since gone through a series of sales.