You have a dream job but it ain’t yours

You have the dream job, but it doesn’t belong to you.

The good news is that you don’t have to leave your home to have one.

That’s because we’ve compiled a list of the best home-grown alternatives to working for free.

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Amazon Prime Now: Get an Amazon Prime membership with no contract and save $100 per month.

Amazon Prime Now lets you shop for products on Amazon for as little as $8 per month per item.2.

Work from home with Airbnb: Host an apartment for you or your friends and rent it out for $50 per month for a year.3.

Home-brew your own beer: Make your own, homemade beer from scratch with no alcohol, no packaging, no equipment, no food, no money.4.

Buy your own house: Buy your home, rent it, and live there for free for a month.5.

Build a solar-powered house: Build your own solar-power house, then share it with others and sell it for a profit.6.

Use a DIY robot to build your own robot: Build a robotic house from scratch, with no tools, for $5 per month (plus tax and shipping).7.

Use your own car to drive around the city: Take a tour of the streets of your hometown, including the downtown area, for free with your own electric car.8.

Create a DIY space: Create a home, complete with your kitchen and bathroom, for a low, low price.9.

Rent out a room to your friends: Rent a room, and have your friends stay there for a week or two.10.

Take out a loan to buy a house: Pay off a mortgage and pay off your mortgage for free, at no cost to you, with your credit card.11.

Build your dream home: Build and sell a home for a flat price, for less than $5,000.12.

Pay for your groceries yourself: Buy a house, pay off the mortgage and buy groceries yourself.13.

Create your own restaurant: Create your very own restaurant for a fee of $10 per night for up to three people, or $40 per person with a group of five.14.

Get a job at home with your computer: Get your own computer, and use it to take care of your business, including paying bills and bills of credit.15.

Create an app for your phone: Create an iOS app to manage your financial, social, and personal life.16.

Build the world’s first fully self-sustaining solar-energy farm: Create solar-generated electricity for your house, and let your solar panels power your house.17.

Get paid to cook and bake: Cook for free and earn $100 a month from your own cooking.18.

Use the internet to build a website: Create the online home for your website, which you can then sell for a commission.19.

Get rid of your smartphone: You can’t have a phone with you in case of an emergency.20.

Build an airplane: Make a small plane, take off, and land at a remote airport, then rent it for free until you have it on a fixed route.21.

Rent a boat: Rent or buy a boat, then bring it home to your neighborhood.22.

Build or buy an underwater robot: Get a drone, build a robotic boat, and take it out on the ocean.23.

Buy an iPhone for free: Get the iPhone for as low as $20.24.

Create art on the computer: Build an art project on the iPad or iPhone, then sell it online for a high commission.25.

Take a holiday trip to Disneyland: Take an overnight trip to the Magic Kingdom, and get a free Disneyland package, plus an iPhone or iPad for a trip of two.26.

Rent an airplane and drive it: Rent an airboat, drive it, then take it to a remote location, for no money down.27.

Get free online marketing advice: Get advice from experts on how to market your business online, at a low commission, without having to worry about paying any sales tax.28.

Build and use your own airplane: Build or modify a custom plane, then use it for your vacation.29.

Buy a bike for free on Craigslist: Buy an electric bike for as cheap as $15, plus tax and delivery.30.

Take an online class: Take online classes for free online, or take classes at home.31.

Get an apartment on Airbnb: Rent your own apartment, then let others rent it as you wish.32.

Build something that will save you money: Build something for free from scratch.33.

Get your child into an art class: Teach your child an art form and have her share the experience with you.34.

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