How to save on the cost of living?

New Orleans is known for its luxury, hipster-friendly vibe.

But it’s also a destination for people seeking affordable home furnishings, and many homeowners there have turned to flexsteel furniture as an inexpensive way to create a more traditional home.

In fact, some homeowners have found that the new lightweight construction has even helped reduce their overall energy costs.

Now, the New Orleans Housing Authority (NOHA) is trying to get some of that retro-inspired flair into the homes of residents who may not be able to afford the pricey flexsteel.

The authority recently partnered with Lattes, a company that specializes in lightweight construction, to offer a program that will let homeowners who need some retro flair and a little less space to live their lives with flexsteel beds and cabinets.

The program will cost homeowners $10 per month for up to four months and allow them to rent out space in their homes that can accommodate four beds, four cabinets, and four windows.

The monthly fee is $200 for residents who have lived in the area for two years and $400 for residents that have lived there for five years or more.

This program will help homeowners with energy costs and reduce their mortgage payments.

The homeowners will receive free furniture, and the monthly fee will help cover the installation of new furniture.

Lattels, an industrial design and construction company that provides materials and services for commercial, residential, and industrial applications, has been a supplier of flexible and custom furniture since 2011.

Littles recently announced plans to offer the program for about 400 New Orleanians who live in the city’s neighborhoods.

“We want to help people find affordable ways to get more creative and unique,” said Jennifer Littels, vice president of corporate affairs and public relations.

Lettes is offering the program to residents who live within the New Orleans City limits, as well as those who live outside of New Orleans.

LATTES will have four- and five-bedroom homes and one-bedroom apartments that can be rent-controlled and rented out for the price of one bedroom, according to the program’s website.

Residents will be able choose from three options for their flexsteel home: A low-rise model with four- or five-bedrooms, or a more expansive three-bedroom model with a pool and a king-size bed.

Each home will include a built-in kitchenette, but the kitchenette can be replaced if it becomes outdated, Littes said.

“The goal is to have a home that can withstand the elements,” she said.

The residents will also be able purchase their homes through Lattles online store and through Littel Home Centers, a Lattls facility located in New Orleans that sells furniture, appliances, and other home accessories.

The home will be furnished by the company’s partner, Lattel, which has a long history of helping small businesses in New Orleans.

Latta is also partnering with the New York City Housing Authority, which is offering a similar program for residents of the city.

“New York City is a big hub for people who want to be able afford to live in a home, and for a lot of New Yorkers, they just don’t have the money to afford a home,” said Latta, who is also the executive director of New York Communities For Reclaiming Housing, an organization that helps communities reclaim their former housing.

The city is offering up to $600 in rebate vouchers for people looking to rent a home out, and residents can apply online at

Residents who qualify for the program will have their home remodeled and will be eligible for a $500 down payment, a $50 down payment for the first year, and a $300 down payment after the first two years.

Latham said the program is designed to provide homeowners with a unique and retro look at their home, but she said that is the only way it can work.

“When you build something with an aesthetic, you can make it beautiful, but if you don’t, you’re not going to make it,” she explained.