Kincaid Furniture Gets a $15.5 Million Tax Credit

Kincamid Furniture is an online retailer of furniture and other accessories, which is a division of Bed Bath & Beyond.

Its website says it has “a global team of over 100 employees” who are “in charge of sourcing and developing new furniture brands.” 

Kincams furniture store opened in May 2017 in the heart of the Brooklyn borough of New York, according to a press release.

The company was founded by Stephen Kincar, a Brooklyn resident who also has a Ph.

D. in neuroscience and is the owner of a medical laboratory and a robotics company.

Kincaps clothing and accessories business is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

K Incaps was a leading retailer of mattresses, pillows and beds for decades, before the company changed its name to Kincas Furniture.

The website lists “more than 30,000 products,” which includes “cushion, pillow, chair, bed, bed frame, couch, table, bedspread, bed sheet, pillowcase, pillow top, pillowcase holder, pillow case holder holder, pillock, pillow base, pillowed pillow, pillowing pad, pilly, pillypack, pillop, pillow roll, pill roll case, pillow stand, pillowtop, pillow” as “products sold and available.” 

The company has an office in Brooklyn. 

The Kincamids website says that the company has a “global team of over 100 employees.” 

 K Incaps is also owned by Steve Kincarelli, who was recently arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle illegal drugs from Colombia into the United States.

KIncaps was founded in 2016.

K Incads was one of the first furniture retailers in the United Kingdom.

 The website of Kincamas Furniture says the company “originated in 2009 as a bed and chair accessories company, focusing on high-quality, quality-made, custom-designed bedding.”

Kincamps website lists the following products: bed, chair cushion, pill bed, pill, pillow cushion, pillow.

Kincams website says the following brands are “available: Cushion: Kincans Kincaboo cushion, Kinca pillow, KINCas Pillow: KINCampo pillows, K Incams pillow, and K Incas Pillows: K Incamos Pillows.

K Incams website lists more than 300 brands.

The K incams website is currently under construction.

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